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temporary custody of grandchildren #158043 - Ask Extension


temporary custody of grandchildren #158043

Asked October 22, 2013, 2:49 PM EDT

My grandchildren are in foster care, and the foster mother just informed my daughter that she will no longer do foster care as of the end of this month. We want temporary custody of our grandchildren ,and my daughter (the mother) is all for it. We tried to get temporary custody before they went to foster care but were told "either adopt them or nothing". I have sent letters to both DHS and Ad Litem once again requesting temporary custody. IS THERE ANY THING ELSE I CAN DO??? This is a time crunch situation, but I need to do anything and everything I can before these kids are taken away to foster care even further away than they are now. Mother is in reunification process, however, DHS not will to acknowledge that--they are just looking for adoption, even though I know Mom is doing all she can towards reunification. Please Help

Woodbury County Iowa

Expert Response

I suggest you contact Iowa Concern, an information and referral service that ISU Extension and Outreach offers to Iowans. There is an attorney on staff that may be able to help you identify your legal rights, etc., as well as what to do next, etc.

You can find information about legal issues via Iowa Concern by to going to

or call 1-800-447-1985 to talk to an attorney at Iowa Concern.

Kimberly Greder Replied October 23, 2013, 4:36 PM EDT

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