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What is the solution for ... #154723

Asked September 27, 2013, 5:00 PM EDT

What is the solution for Bradford pear tree leaves turning dark like they are dying?

Charles County Maryland

Expert Response

Bradford pears are susceptible to a bacterial disease known as 'Fire Blight', and many Bradfords have been hit by the disease in the past couple of years.  You may want to visit the following section of our website to compare some of the symptoms with your tree.  Once there, click on Trees and Shrubs or Plant Diagnostics.  On the Diagnostic page, simply type fire blight into the search box.
There are numerous other factors that can cause dieback of Bradford pear trees, and given the weather patterns we have experienced over the past couple of years, it is quite possible that the tree is suffering from environmental stress.  Some of the major factors include periods of excessive rain followed by periods of heat and drought or vice versa.  There are also other diseases that can attack pear trees, especially during cool, damp periods; Rust disease has also been quite widespread this year.
If you are unable to diagnose the problem given the above information, you could send us a digital photograph of the tree.  We cannot suggest a treatment until an accurate diagnosis has been confirmed.

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