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Greetings. I purchased se... #151654

Asked September 08, 2013, 2:16 PM EDT

Greetings. I purchased several packs of fertilizer stakes in the spring, intending to put them in the ground in May, as I have done the last 2 years. I never got around to it. Is it beneficial or harmful to fertilize in the fall; should I wait until spring of 2014? These are the 6" stakes, sold in 10-packs at the large home improvement stores. I have 3 packs each for my evergreens and deciduous trees and shrubs. Thank you.

Frederick County Maryland

Expert Response

Established trees and shrubs do not need to be fertilized.  Their roots can absorb enough nutrients from the soil. 

If you want to fertilize, fall is fine.  We'd recommend that you use a slow-release 'fertilizer', that breaks down and feeds the plants slowly over a long period.  This would be an organic material like compost that you buy or can make yourself from mulched leaves and yard waste. . 


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