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Little gnats in the windowsills in Aurora #138347

Asked July 03, 2013, 11:18 AM EDT

Can you direct me to a resource that would help me identify and manage a gnat problem we are experiencing in our new house? We have these small (1 cm in length tops) gnat looking things that are lightish gray in color that are collecting on our window sills. They are on the main level only, and in most of the windows regardless of direction that the window faces. We feel like we can't open our windows because they are so thick. Thank you!

Arapahoe County Colorado

Expert Response

I could not enlarge photo enough to get a look at these insects.
Do you have a few to several houseplants in pots?   If so, these may be fungus gnats that thrive in and near pots with too-moist potting soil.  Much more info:         Even if yours are not fungus gnats, the "yellow sticky card" traps may work.  Check at garden centers for these.

If your sink/tub drains are slow, these could be "drain flies".    See also:

You may want to capture a few in a jar and bring them to our office weekdays
8-430 pm.  5804 S Datura Littleton 80120   303.730.1920     There is a $6 fee for insect and plant samples submitted.   We'll do our best to ID them.
Robert Cox Replied July 03, 2013, 12:33 PM EDT

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