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We have a customer that h... #137484

Asked June 28, 2013, 5:39 PM EDT

We have a customer that has planted numerous Stargazer lilies with in 2 large lily beds. The other varieties include tiger lily, Casa Blanca lily, and Hemoracallis Stelld'oro, All of the Stargazer's have developed a browing on the tips of the flower petals that extends toward the center about 1/2 way. There is no margin to the lesion just brown and feels papery. The rest of the plant appears healthy with no visible lesions nor brown of any kind. This has happened for the past two years. I know this year has been wet but last year was dry - The customer does a good job of watering if needed and one bed is raised the other ground level. Do you have any idea of the problem.

Queen Anne's County Maryland

Expert Response

The lilies are suffering from a fungal disease known as botrytis.  The disease favors cool, damp, cloudy weather and attacks the most tender parts of susceptible plants.  This is perhaps the most common disease of lilies.  It is not lethal and prevention is difficult.  Sanitation is essential.  Remove all affected plant tissue and anything that falls to the ground.  If the planting is thick, it would be helpful to thin out the planting in order to provide maximum air circulation.  Do not over-fertilize since this can encourage the growth of tender new plant material.  Do not water from above or splash soil onto the plant tissue.

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