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Our neighbor planted bamb... #136028 - Ask Extension


Our neighbor planted bamb... #136028

Asked June 22, 2013, 10:46 AM EDT

Our neighbor planted bamboo in her yard. Well, it has overcome our yard also and we are unable to get rid of it. We have tried We definitely need help.

Baltimore County Maryland

Expert Response

So long as your neighbor has bamboo, you will continue to have a problem with it unless you install a three foot barrier between your yard and theirs.  Persistance is the key to keeping it at bay.  As soon as you cut a stalk, cut the cut surface with RoundUp or other glyphosate product.  As soon as you see the first baby bamboo leaf, paint glyphosate on those leaves with a cheap brush, being sure not to drip any on anything that you value.  You will have to continue to do this until you install a barrier or your neighbor gets rid of his bamboo.  .  vw

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