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I grow a lot of vegetable... #132811

Asked June 07, 2013, 10:06 PM EDT

I grow a lot of vegetables, but am having problems with my cabbage. The caterpillars and slugs have been an ongoing issue. This year I applied BT regularly and have the caterpillars under control. I thought I was controlling the slugs too with regular applications of Sluggo and some beer, but as I harvested my first heads of the season last week, I found several inside the heads. It seems they get in and have it so good they don't come out for the traps/poison.  We still clean and eat them fried, but it is unappetizing and the friends who get some are always very put off. Any advice?

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

Please check out the detailed information on imported cabbageworm and slugs:

You may want to remove mulch around the cabbage plants if slug pressure is heavy. Sprinkling diatamaceous earth or crushed oyster shell or egg shell around the base of plants might also help. Going out at night with long tongs and a flashlight is also a lot of fun!

If you haven't tried floating row cover yet you may want to consider this to create a physical barrier next year:

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