25 year old mugho pine removal #131014

Asked 2013-05-31 02:52:46

We have a row of mugho pines lining our driveway that need removal.  They looked good when young,but they no longer do.  The've been pretty much trimmed back to its main trunk, now we want to pull them out.
Do you recommend a best way to do it?  What kind of root system does it have?

Boulder County Colorado

Expert Response

Our extension site does not have information on the best manner in which to remove trees and if they are large, it may be best to use a professional service. I did find this online information regarding "inexpensive ways to remove trees": Hopefully it will prove useful. Other options might be to either cut the trunk off as low as possible and paint the stump with a stump killer. Pulling the pines from the ground can be difficult unless the ground is very wet and the soil is loose. Thank you, Shelley Master Gardener Help Desk
Boulder County Master Gardener Replied 2013-05-31 17:31:18

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