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I am interested in findin... #129220

Asked May 23, 2013, 2:00 AM EDT

I am interested in finding one or two CSA program(s). There was a lot on the different lists and I found it difficult to sift through it all. I have never used a CSA program but it sounds like something that will help me on my healthy food journey. I would like to have at least five produce items in each weeks box and prefer a verity of food. I want to receive a weekly box of fresh produce.I would prefer products year round or as close as possible.I can do either a bulk 6 month payment or a weekly payment right now because I have the funds to do so right now. I am not interested in working on a farm, I have my own mini garden to maintain and a busy schedule. I live in Springfield, Oregon. I would like to have the pick as close to Springfield as possible. I would like to spend about $90-$100 per month. Is there something out there for me? If so I would like to get connected with them and get started on this journey. Thanks,very much for the time and effort in advance. My phone number is 541-606-0604 Rickina Bailey - Grace be with us all.

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

You are in luck. There are many CSAs in Lane County. I live in the west and use one a few miles from my home. Go to lanefood.org for a listing of Lane Co. CSAs. I know they are available in the Springfield area also.

Most are not year-round but run June to November. Good luck
Pat Patterson Replied May 24, 2013, 12:08 AM EDT

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