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For 19 years, we have had... #126967

Asked May 13, 2013, 5:26 PM EDT

For 19 years, we have had large bumble bees and smaller bees in large numbers feeding on our tyme and other floweing plants. This year I have seen only 1 bumble bee about 2 weeks ago and we usually have thousands. I know there has been an American bee problem, but is there any way I can put some bumble bee or other bee hives on my property (2+ acres). I don't want the honey; we just like the bees and I know they polinate our flowers. Does the Md Agriculture department have an provrams for reviving the bee population?

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

The MDA is working with local beekeepers regarding the honeybee decline but we do not have information regarding our native bee population. Reasons for native bee decline are attributed to loss of native plants and widespread use of broad-spectrum insecticides. Also, we have had a cool, wet spring and the pollinators are not actively flying in cool cloudy weather.
It may be helpful to look at the attached link from the MD Dept. of Natural Resources on Bee Conservation and What You Can Do

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