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hello, I am Zariir from M... #119965

Asked April 04, 2013, 5:48 AM EDT

hello, I am Zariir from Maldives. I am growing cucumber in hydroponics system. The vines are growing very well. the problem i am facing is that the young fruits are getting yellow and fall off from the trees. Could anyone give an opinion for the reason for this and what should I do thanks

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Expert Response

Hello Zariir,
If the fruit is yellow and aborting, it could be an indication of low or improper nutrient fertilization.  Cucumber has a high fertilizer requirement. Nutrient fetilization is a huge topic however, in a hydroponic system, provide a pH of 6.0 - 6.5 and the target ratio of nitrogen - phosphorus - ptoassium for the flower and fruiting stage is 180 ppm Nitrogen- 30 ppm Phosphorus and 190 ppm Potassium. Calcium is also needed at 120 ppm.  Strong light and warm temperatures are required.

Colleen Armstrong Replied April 15, 2013, 12:25 PM EDT
hi Colleen,
thanks for replying. I believe that could possibly be the reason. As we are at the eqautor, temperature and light may well be out of question.
Once again thank you for the reply and if I need further advise, i hope i can rely on you.

best regards

The Question Asker Replied April 16, 2013, 12:25 AM EDT

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