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I have had a sixty pound ... #115733

Asked February 26, 2013, 6:49 PM EST

I have had a sixty pound can of honey in storage for about forty five years. There has been some leakage around the 2 inch diameter lid resulting in a bit of honey collecting and hardening on the top of the can. Is there a chance that this honey is contaminated? It has been stored in our basement where the temp has remained fairly constant. Would it be worth putting the honey in glass jars or should I not run the risk and dispose of it. Thank you for any advise. Gil Meier 801-277-2220

Salt Lake County Utah

Expert Response

After doing a bit of research, I think it is still safe.  The thing you will want to check for is: Is the container bulging at the seams.  IF there is swelling it could be form Colostrum Botulism toxin (which can be deadly) formation or it could be simple fermentation.  If there is swelling of the container I recommend through it out.  If there is not swelling it should be safe to eat.  To be completely safe you may want to toss it since you have had it for five years now. 
Jean Weese Replied March 04, 2013, 12:58 PM EST

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