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Water bacteria problem #114717

Asked February 15, 2013, 11:18 AM EST

Dear water experts

i live on indonesia with much human population.and hot temperature
my family well home now is small cloudy on surface. after neighbor make latrine/toilet.

i have go to local lab.but nothing satisfy result.just advise me to give chlorine and tawas powder
but cloudy on surface still exist.

curious about it.
so i culture fresh water on cup. i boiled agar and  boiled agar with sugar.
after 1 day "it" is spread quickly.
both  agar and boiled agar cup

it is looklike jellyfish with 8 dot

I don"t know what it is it,Bacteria,virus or something? and what species

There is some picture on agar plate,for evaluation
(sorry about poor english)

need advise and sugestion

Thank you


Cass County Outside United States

Expert Response

We cannot identify what is causing the cloudiness of the water or if it is due to bacteria. Analytical laboratories follow very strict sterile procedures when testing drinking water and it is very difficult to duplicate the methods at home.  Please contact a local health department or laboratory and ask them to analyze your water sample - they will instruct you as to how to collect the sample to assure you are not cross - contaminating the sample as you collect it.  Good luck! 
Kristine Uhlman Replied February 19, 2013, 4:30 PM EST

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