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Aquaponics #113188

Asked January 28, 2013, 4:39 PM EST

Are there any research, courses, or experiment stations working on aquaponics at or with OSU?

Lane County Oregon

Expert Response

At this time, Oregon State University does not have a a research or experiment station project focused on aquaponics. However, there are faculty doing related work, for example, on topics such as electrolytic oxidation, fish health, and hydroponics. I know of a graduate student in the Horticulture department who recently completed a project on aquaponics.  In addition, I keep up with best practices and new innovations that are happening around the country through Extension colleagues, because I receive inquiries from aquaponics farmers across Oregon. Cornell, North Carolina, Illinois/Indiana Sea Grant, and Kentucky State have active aquaponics programs, and there is always an active aquaponics session at national aquaculture conferences (next one in February in Nashville). In addition, Sea Grant/OSU staff at the Hatfield Marine Science Center culture a wide range of aquatic animals and plants, both marine and freshwater, and we have had discussions about building an aquaponics system there. Finally, the local community college here in Newport has an Aquarium Science program that offers an AAS degree and certificates, and a range of animal husbandry courses. I have added their website here for your convenience. I believe that aquaponics will develop significantly in the PNW in coming years to meet growing demand for fresh fish and high quality local products. My contact information is listed here if you wish to follow up with me regarding your aquaponics interests.
Dave Landkamer
541 574-6534 x24

Dave Landkamer Replied January 30, 2013, 11:29 AM EST

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